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Your relationship with God is personal

Christanity should never a structure you use to seek approval.

A withered old tree, with strong roots.

Kabelo Tladi in need of some water. I would rather deal with all the bullshit now than later, as everything will  be clean later - that is dirty right now. Due to the facts currently presiding right now. The great expedition, the group is large and all an aggregated version of myself right now. You are the artist of your own life. Art is an exhibition of life , we are artists at are various crafts and lifestyles. We are all each other under different parameters, stritified by our own logical biases. Only through Christ can we unify, I still my beliefs as they are my roots and through my roots have I not rotted. I remain unmoved, it is the intent of what’s on the inside. That’s why I remember my childhood vividly as it is there where I converged I became a man child in that order. I love who am, I love who I am becoming and I love who I used to be. All have value and all have discort but through careful considering, the intricate series will converge, unbounded but convergent at an unbounded element as the space I operate in is incomplete. The problem is not knowing the adherent points, we get killed interior points of our complements. Compliments aren’t a bad thing as they could be used to complete your own space.




an amazing story

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Why is the footage so clear though 😍

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“She is a friend of my mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order.”
Toni Morrison, Beloved


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actress Angelina Jolie

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